Roșii roșii marinate pentru iarnă

Cherry tomatoes маринованные на зиму

How beautiful and appetizing this procurement for the winter looks! Small tomatoes will decorate both the festive table and the home dinner will make even more delicious. Many people like cherry tomatoes not only for their tiny size. They are even sweeter and more useful than regular large tomatoes. Preserving cherry tomatoes in marinade, it is extremely important to keep them external, so every tomato is recommended to pierce with a toothpick. Thanks to this, the peel will not burst, and the tomato will remain beautiful. You can harvest cherry tomatoes directly with twigs, it also looks nice, although not entirely practical. Generally, home recipe marinated cherry tomato is simple enough, so prepare and enjoy in the winter a delicious snack prepared by yourself.

Ingredients for cooking cherry tomatoes marinated for the winter

Cherry tomatoes 3 kg
Bulgarian pepper 2 pcs
Onion 2 pcs
Garlic 3-4 wedges
Bay leaf 3-6 pcs
Hot pepper taste
Peppercorns black 10-12 pcs
Pepper fragrant 6 pcs.
Umbrellas of dill 3 pcs
Leaves of cherry (currant) 6 pcs.
For marinade for one 3 liter jar tomato
Sugar 4 st.
Salt 1.5 ml.
Vinegar 9% 4 st.
For marinade on a 1.5 liter jar
Sugar 2 s.
Salt 0.75 g
Vinegar 9% 2 s.

Preparation step by step with a photo of a cherry tomato marinated for the winter

  1. In clean jars (you can not sterilize in advance) put on the bottom washed dill umbrellas and cherry and currant leaves.
  2. Peel garlic and onions, cut and add to cans.
  3. In each jar, add a piece of hot pepper.
  4. Add black bell pepper and sweet pepper.
  5. Each tomato puncture several times with a toothpick and fill them with tomatoes. Leave some space for the Bulgarian pepper.
  6. Peel the Bulgarian pepper, cut into strips. Put them on top of a tomato and cover with some other greens.
  7. Pour the tomatoes with boiling water to the very top and cover with covers. Let them steam for 10 minutes. Drain the water with the tomato back into the pan.
  8. In a saucepan with drained water, add sugar and salt according to the number of your cans and boil.
  9. In a jar of tomatoes, pour first vinegar, and then boiled marinade and immediately roll. Wrap the rug until it cools down.

Marinated cherry tomatoes are served as a snack for meat dishes and side dishes. Bon Appetit!

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