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Pear-apple jam with orange

Would you like to cook pears and apples in the original way? Try using a homemade recipe and cook the jam from these fruits with the addition of orange. Jam will acquire a stunning flavor and citrus flavor. From such a tasty homemade jam, I assure you, no one will refuse. And which of them are pies - a real yummy! For Preparation of pear-apple jam with orange You will only need fruit, sugar and a little water to make syrup. Thanks to the fact that the fruit slices are boiled in syrup in stages, they keep their shape and the jam turns out to be beautiful, amber and very appetizing.

Ingredients for the preparation of pear-apple jam

Pears (weight of peeled fruit) 1 kg
Apples (weight of peeled fruit) 1 kg
Sugar 1 kg
Orange 1 PC
Water 1stakan

Preparation step-by-step with a photo of a pear-apple jam with orange

  1. Wash apples and pears thoroughly.
  2. Peel from the peel and seeds, cut into thin slices. If the pears have a soft skin, you can not cut it. Consider the weight of the peeled fruit.
  3. Cook the syrup in a separate saucepan. To do this, mix sugar in the water, bring to a boil and cook a couple of minutes.
  4. Fill with hot syrup slices of apples and pears. When they are completely cool, put them on fire and cook after boiling for 5-6 minutes over low heat. Cool down.
  5. After cooling again cook the jam for 5-6 minutes, and then put it on again for a few hours. Repeat this one or two more times.
  6. Scrunch the orange peel on a small grater. Divide the orange into slices, which in turn, too, grind.
  7. When the last time you will boil the jam, add the zest and the flesh of the orange. Cook for 10 minutes, then pour out the sterilized jars and roll them.

Pear-apple jam with orange is served for tea or coffee. A warm bun or crispy toast will make your tea drinking even tastier. Bon Appetit!

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