Înghețați din perele întregi cu lămâie și scorțișoară

Jam from whole pears with lemon and cinnamon

Such an original home-made recipe is great for small pears and eliminates unnecessary hassle. Pears are cooked in whole syrup, they do not need to be cleaned either from the peel or from the seeds. For preparation whole pear jam it is necessary to choose fruits not overripe, dense, not damaged by caterpillars. It is very tasty if you add jam, cinnamon - powder or sticks, does not matter, as well as lemon juice. Such a dessert can be rightfully called a delicacy, because pears are soft and honey-flavored, and the cinnamon smells of cinnamon and warms in the winter. Jam from whole pears with lemon step by step recipe with pictures For the winter, you can also serve dessert wine or champagne. Try to cook for yourself several jars of this amazing, homemade jam.

Ингредиенты для приготовления whole pear jam

Pears 1 kg
Sugar 800-1000 kg
Lemon 1 PC
Water 300 ml
Cover taste

Пошаговое приготовление whole pear jam с фото

  1. Rinse thoroughly the fruit, remove the inflorescence with a sharp knife tip from the bottom of the fruit. Tails leave, they will not spoil the taste of jam.
  2. With the lemon squeeze the juice.
  3. Cook the syrup from the water and sugar. From the moment of boiling, cook the syrup for a few minutes.
  4. Pour hot pear syrup, add cinnamon and let them cool.
  5. Now it is necessary to boil the pears for 5-6 minutes, and then let them cool down completely. And so repeat 3-5 times until the pears become soft.
  6. When you are making jam from whole pears for the last time, pour lemon juice into it, boil and roll it.

Jam from whole pears is served as a dessert for tea or coffee, as well as a snack for low-alcohol beverages. Bon Appetit!

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