Gemenește de la o gutui

Jam from a quince

A truly refined and fragrant jam is obtained from quince. Culinary books are rich in a variety of recipes for the preparation of sweet blanks for the winter from this sweet and sour fruit. Jam from quince is the most delicious recipe for the winter with a photo, as for me - this one! Some housewives cook jam without adding water, while others, on the contrary, prefer to cook quince wafers in a prepared syrup, and some come easy, and cook thick jam from quince. In this case, not only can the taste and consistency of this dessert differ, but also its color. I want to offer you one of the most delicious recipes for jam from quince, which will subdue you. The jam turns out to be a beautiful, amber-orange color, the lobules retain their shape, and the syrup is thick and transparent. A homemade recipe for this jam is a real treat for sweeties and gourmets!

Ingredients for the preparation of jam from quince

Quince (purified) 1 kg
Sugar 1.2 kg
Water 350 ml

Preparation step-by-step with a photo of quince jam

  1. The fruit should be ripe, so that the jam was fragrant enough. Wash them thoroughly and dry.
  2. Clean the yew from the peel, cut in half, peel off the seeds and cut into small slices. Do not throw out the rind, it is needed for syrup.
  3. Налейте в кастрюльку воду, поставьте на огонь. Когда закипит, киньте в неё кожуру и поварите на среднем огне 10 минут. Water напитает аромат и цвет фруктов. Затем шумовкой выньте кожуру и добавьте сахар по рецепту. Поварите сироп в течение 3 минут.
  4. Fill with hot quince syrup. Stir. Put on the fire quince in syrup and cook for 10 minutes. Cool to room temperature.
  5. Again, put the quince to boil for 10 minutes. Time count down from the boiling point. Cool down.
  6. The third time, put the quince to cook, but for 20 minutes, after it can be rolled into sterilized jars. You can not wrap the jam, and after cooling, put it in the pantry.

Serve a thick and fragrant quince jam to tea or coffee along with white bread or rolls. Bon Appetit!

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