Dovleac de dovleac cu caise uscate

Pumpkin jam with dried apricots

To enrich the taste pumpkin jam, you can add to it ingredients such as apples, oranges, ginger or dried apricots. Dried apricots gives the preparation for the winter a more intense and thick consistency, so this is one of my favorite pumpkin jams. Pumpkin jam with dried apricot step by step simple recipe for winter will suit both you and your family. The pumpkin itself is somewhat sweet-luscious, so not everyone likes her taste. But in combination with other fruits or berries, jam gets more refined taste. Apricot by the time of the maturation of the pumpkin is gone, but there are dried apricots throughout the year. Her sour is just diluting a little sweet pumpkin. Do not limit yourself to the home-made recipe, boldly add other ingredients, such as cinnamon, nuts or vanilla, taste and create your own family recipes. A cooked pumpkin jam with dried apricots You can eat as an independent dessert or use when cooking baking.

Ingredients for cooking pumpkin jam with dried apricots

Pumpkin 1 kg
Dried 300 g
Sugar 400-500 g

Приготовление пошаговое с фото pumpkin jam с курагой

  1. Очищенную тыкву, весом 1 kg. натрите на крупной тёрке или нарезать маленькими кубиками. Подберите для варенья тыкву десертного сорта.
  2. Cut dried apricots into small strips.
  3. Stir the pumpkin with dried apricots, pour the sugar and leave for a couple of hours to form juice.
  4. When a lot of juice is formed, put a future jam of pumpkin with dried apricots on a stove and bring to a boil. Fire should be below average. After boiling, turn off the stove and cool.
  5. Again put it on the fire and bring the jam to a boil, cool it. Repeat this two more times.
  6. When you cook the jam for the last time, after boiling, pour out the sterilized jars and roll them.

Jam from a pumpkin with dried apricots is served to toast, bread with butter, add to dessert cottage cheese or make from it toppings for pies. Bon Appetit!

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