Conopidă în aluat de brânză cu sos de smântână

Of cauliflower, you can cook many delicious dishes. Today I want to offer you a very delicious home-made cauliflower recipe in cheese batter. Cheese Klari gives cabbage a fragrant, crispy crust, and keeps cabbage juicy and tender. Serve cauliflower in cheese batter is preferable in hot form. In addition to this dish of vegetables, prepare a spicy sour cream sauce with herbs and garlic. During dinner, you can dip each piece of cabbage into this sauce and the dish will be even tastier and more appetizing. Recipe can be selected at your own discretion in the cookbook on our website. Step-by-step preparation of cauliflower in cheese batter with sour cream sauce will help you to prepare an ideal snack for various dishes of meat.


Ingredients for cooking cauliflower in cheese batter

Cauliflower 700-800 g
Flour 100 g
Hard cheese 100 g
Eggs 3 pcs
Vegetable oil 100 ml
Salt taste
Black pepper or paprika taste
Dill (parsley) 3 sprigs
To prepare the sauce
Cream 20% 150g
Garlic 2-3 prongs
Dill (parsley) 2 sprigs

Preparation of step-by-step cauliflower in cheese batter with sour cream sauce

  1. Wash and disassemble the cabbage into small pieces, the so-called inflorescences.
  2. Boil water, add it and cook in it the divided inflorescences about 6-8 minutes. Cook until ready to cook, do not need it, because it will still be fried.
  3. Throw the boiled cabbage into a colander and rinse with cold water, so it will not get softer.
  4. To make a batter, grate the cheese on a fine grater.
  5. Stuff three hard eggs to hard cheese.
  6. To batter, chop the greens of parsley, as well as a little paprika. Salt, but with this ingredient, be careful, since some cheeses can be very salty.
  7. Whisk with a fork so that all ingredients are mixed.
  8. Prepare a plate with wheat flour and dab each separate piece of cabbage first into flour.
  9. After the flour, lower the inflorescence in this batter and blot the cabbage completely.
  10. Fry the cabbage in a frying pan with heated olive or sunflower oil to a crispy crust on all sides.
  11. When you remove cabbage from a frying pan, first drain off the fat, then transfer it to the dish.
  12. To prepare the sauce, смешайте жирную сметану с раздавленным чесноком и нарубленной зеленью. Перемешайте.
  13. Serve fragrant colored roasted cabbage in cheese batter together with sour cream sauce.

Cauliflower is served as a snack for meat dishes, as well as side dishes from potatoes or rice, and as an independent dish. Bon Appetit!

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