Amestec de legume pentru iarnă pe un borcan de 3 litri

Vegetable assortment for the winter on a 3 liter jar

Prepare for the winter delicious vegetable mix. Its colorful appearance it already causes an appetite and I want to try every pickled vegetable, including even garlic. For pickling, vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, carrots, onions and garlic. If you have a figured knife, cut them carrots, cucumbers and zucchini, then your harvest will become even more attractive. A special role in saturation with the taste of vegetables is played by various herbs, such as dill, parsley, as well as horseradish leaves, cherries and so on. In general, everything that smells fragrant. If you like spicy dishes, add the bitter pepper and the horseradish root. As a result, you will get a variety of taste, bright and fragrant harvest for the winter. It''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s hard to tell how much ingredients you need, basically it depends on your preferences, put all the vegetables in a little bit, but take the salt, sugar and vinegar according to the home recipe listed below - vegetable mix на зиму рецепт на 3 литровую банку пошагово.

Ingredients for cooking vegetables for winter

Tomatoes 6-8 pcs.
Cucumbers 2-3 pcs.
Carrot 2-3 pcs.
Bulgarian pepper 1-2 pcs.
Courgettes 1 PC
Patissonı 1-2 pcs.
Cauliflower 1 PC
Onion 2 pcs
Garlic 1 head
Hot peppers 0.5 pcs.
Sugar 100 g
Salt 50 grams
Vinegar 9% 85-90 g
Dill 3-4 branches
Horseradish leaves 1 PC
Parsley 3-4 branches
Bay leaf 1 PC
Black peppercorns 4 things
Allspice 4 things
Carnation 1-2 pcs.

Ingredients for cooking vegetables for winter

  1. All prepared vegetables and greens wash and clean. In the recipe, spices are indicated on one 3-liter jar.
  2. Tomatoes можно оставить целыми, а вот огурцы, морковь, кабачки, репчатый лук нарежьте кусочками. Цветную капусту разберите на соцветия.
  3. So hard vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini and scallops pour separately boiling water for 15 minutes, so they are steamed. Then the water must be drained. This is done in order not to pour two times from the can, but only one.
  4. Sliced ​​carrots, onions and garlic I also pour hot water.
  5. In clean three-liter jars on the bottom, put a laurel leaf, cloves, fragrant and black peppers, as well as all the greens. A little greenery can be left for the top.
  6. Now you need to lay all the vegetables. You can impose, as it is necessary, but you can show a little creativity.
  7. Pour jars of vegetables with steep boiling water, cover with sterilized lids. Cover with a towel and leave for 15 minutes.
  8. Drain the water from the cans and put it back to boil. At that point, sugar and salt must be added to the water. If you have two cans, increase the amount of sugar and salt by half.
  9. В банки с овощами налейте уксус. На одну банку идёт 85-90 gр. 9% уксуса.
  10. Then pour boiling brine to the top and plug. Wrap for a few hours.

Vegetable platter is served to any side dishes and meat dishes. Such an appetizer can even brighten up the festive table. Bon Appetit!

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