Alegerea ciupercilor pentru iarnă

Picking mushrooms for the winter in jars

How to properly salt bitter (gorchak)? Today I will introduce you to a simple hot way of pickling these forest mushrooms. This way you can salted pickles and mushrooms, which also differ in their bitterness, as well as freckles. Although bitter mushrooms are considered second-rate mushrooms and collect them mainly when not found other mushrooms, if properly moistened and cooked according to a proven recipe, they will taste no worse than delicacy mushrooms. About how delicious to pick up mushrooms or bitter, many experienced mushroom pickers share, so I decided to give you home recipe for pickling mushrooms, bitter mousses and freckles for the winter. Mushrooms are very delicious, crunchy and aromatic, however, you can only eat them at least 2 months later. If you work now, by the end of the year, you can submit to the table a delicious dish of mushroom home cooking.

Ingredients for making salted mushrooms for the winter

Bitter beetles, mushrooms, freckles 2-3 kg
Dill 3-4 umbrella
Garlic 2 heads
Pepper fragrant peas 10 pieces
Pepper black with peas 10 pieces
For brine per 1 liter of water
Water 1
Salt 2 mln.

Step by step preparation of salted mushrooms for the winter with a photo

  1. Fungi mushrooms or bitter go, clean the knife dirt, well washed.
  2. Fill the mushrooms with cold water and leave to soak for two days. Water should be changed every day 3-4 times. So you can get rid of the bitterness that is in these mushrooms.
  3. On the third day, drain the bitter water and rinse the mushrooms under running water.
  4. Then cook the mushrooms, pre-salt thoroughly with water. Take 1 liter of waterмите 2 mln. соли. После закипания, варите грибы только 10 минут. Откиньте на дуршлаг.
  5. Приготовьте рассол. Вскипятите воду, воды берите с запасом, но на 1 соли необходимо 2 mln. с горкой. После закипания, снимите с огня и остудите.
  6. In sterilized jars lay all the seasonings - dill, sweet and pepper, garlic to your taste.
  7. Fill the jars with cooked, cooled mushrooms and pour the cooled brine to the top.
  8. Close any lids. Salted mushrooms must be stored in a cool place - the cellar or in the refrigerator. Within 2-3 months, bitter mushrooms, mushrooms or freckles will become salted and saturated with taste.

Salted mushrooms, when served, are poured with fragrant oil and adorned with chopped onions. Bon Appetit!

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