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Голубцы из chinese cabbage с мясом и рисом

Leaves chinese cabbage perfect for making tasty cabbage rolls. They fit well in the filling, and the sheet is beautifully wrapped in an envelope. Almost all the hostesses know how to cook cabbage rolls, but not all have tried to cook with Pekinese cabbage. I want to note that голубцы из chinese cabbage с мясом и рисом are very delicate and juicy. Cabbage gives stuffed cabbage rolls sweetness, and tomato-sour cream sauce sourness. These cabbage rolls are very hearty, fragrant, they will be enjoyed with pleasure by all family members, including men. As you know, they like to eat hearty and tasty, and голубцы из chinese cabbagejust meet these needs. Our home-made recipe will help you cook this dish properly and tasty!

Ингредиенты для приготовления голубцы из chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage 1 PC
Minced meat 500g
Rice ½ cup
Carrot 2 pcs
Bulb onions 2-3 pcs.
Bouillon 250 ml
Tomato paste 100 g
Cream 200 g
Salt taste
Pepper taste

Пошаговое приготовление голубцов из chinese cabbage с мясом и рисом с фото

  1. Prepare everything for the filling. I put carrots in the filling - from this it becomes more juicy. First clean and grate the grated carrots.
  2. Onions peel and finely cut into cubes.
  3. Fry the onions and grated carrots in vegetable oil until golden. Divide into two parts, one will go into mince, the other into gravy.
  4. Boil rice until half cooked, cool.
  5. Смешайте в одной посуде мясной фарш, отваренный до полуготовности рис, поджарку из лука и моркови. Посолите и поперчите taste.
  6. Mix well the minced meat so that all the ingredients mix with each other.
  7. Rinse Peking cabbage under running water. Remove the damaged leaves, cut off the rough ground so that it is easy to wrap the filling.
  8. Separate the leaves from the cabbage, do it carefully.
  9. Boil the water, lower the cabbage leaves into it. First lay the top leaves, and on the inside - they are more tender and get out of the boiling water they need first. Strain the leaves for about 7-10 minutes.
  10. Remove the leaves from the water and cool.
  11. Разложите лист chinese cabbage, выложите в центр начинку.
  12. Gently wrap the filling, trying not to tear the leaves.
  13. Fill with minced meat stuffed cabbage and put on a plate.
  14. To prepare the sauce, mix the meat broth, tomato paste and sour cream.
  15. At the bottom of the pot or cauldron, put a little leftover fry, and from above distribute all the cabbage rolls.
  16. Top with rests of frying and pour with tomato-sour cream sauce.
  17. Накройте крышкой и тушите голубцы из chinese cabbage с мясом и рисом с момента закипания 30 минут.
  18. Голубцы из chinese cabbage готовы!

Подают голубцы из chinese cabbage в горячем виде со сметаной или соусом. Приятного аппетита!

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