Peste roșu în sos de portocale

Red fish in orange sauce

Red fish is considered a delicacy, so the approach to cooking it must be special, creative. And what if we try to marinate it in orange and mustard sauce, and then bake it in it? Tried, and it was unusually delicious! The dish of fish meat turned out to be tender, juicy, with hints of spices and citrus. Interestingly, marinated on a home-made recipe, the fish even longer than baked, so all the useful and nutrients in it are preserved. As a side dish, to Step-by-step preparation of red fish in orange sauce with a photo, you can boil rice, or prepare an easy, vegetable salad. Such an unusually delicious dinner you will never forget!


Ingredients for cooking red fish in orange sauce

Salmon (another red fish) 500g
Orange 1 PC
Orangeовый джем 2 s.
Горчица «джонская» 2 s.
Soy sauce 2 s.
Ground coriander 0.5 tsp.
Sesame 1 st.

Step-by-step preparation of red fish in orange sauce with a photo

  1. From the orange squeeze out the juice.
  2. To orange juice add mustard, soy sauce, coriander and orange jam, if you have it. If there is no orange jam, peel off the peel of orange zest, it will enhance the flavor and taste of this fruit in the marinade. Stir well the ingredients.
  3. Put the cut pieces of fish into a suitable baking dish. Pour the cooked sauce and leave the fish to marinate and soak for 30 minutes.
  4. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and put the fish to bake for 15-17 minutes. Before baking, sprinkle the fish with sesame seeds. This is a recommendation at will.
  5. Ready fish put on lettuce leaves and immediately served to the table.

For red fish, serve garnished boiled rice or potatoes, as well as fresh vegetables. Bon Appetit!

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