Marionete midii cu usturoi și ceapă

Marinated mussels with garlic and onions

If you like seafood, prepare a delicious snack of mussels. I suggest you pick them in the easiest way, they will be ready for use after 1 hour. Although there are many options to pickle mussels, this home recipe I found the most delicious and fast. In a refrigerator pickled mussels with garlic stored up to 1 week, so that you can eat them for a long time. Mussels are juicy, moderately sharp and spicy. They can be served to beer, make salads based on them and combine with other snacks. For step-by-step preparation of pickled mussels with garlic and onion with a photo, buy fresh or frozen mussels, and if possible use olive oil. This savory snack, cooked at home, will be much tastier and more useful than the purchased pickled mussels.

Ingredients for pickled mussels

Mussels 1 kg
Olive oil 1 st.
Garlic 5 denticles
Bay leaf 2-3 list
Bulb onions 2 pcs
Lemon 1 PC
Paprika 1 tsp.
Soy sauce 2 s.
Parsley crushed 40-50 g
Salt 2 tsp.
Black pepper 0.5 tsp.

Step-by-step preparation of marinated mussels with garlic and onion with a photo

  1. In the pot, pour enough water to cover the mussels, about 1.5-2 liters. Put on the fire to boil.
  2. Когда вода закипит, добавьте 2 tsp. соли, чёрный перец, лавровый лист и одну очищенную луковицу.
  3. Then dip the frozen mussels into the boiling water, and cook them from the boiling point for only 2-3 minutes.
  4. Then drain the water, but do not pour it down yet.
  5. Cook the mussels marinade. You can add all the ingredients for the marinade directly to the mussels.
  6. Всыпьте 1 tsp. паприки, выдавите чеснок, нарежьте полукольцами лук, добавьте оливковое масло и соевый соус.
  7. Also add crushed parsley greens juice of one lemon. You can also add a little coriander.
  8. Mussels перемешайте с маринадом, поместите в стеклянные баночки или пластиковый контейнер, долейте сверху воды, в которой варились мидии. Много воды не нужно, 2-3 черпака, лишь для того, чтобы мидии оставались влажными.
  9. Close the lid and shake the contents.
  10. Leave the mussels at room temperature for 1 hour, shaking occasionally, so that each mussel permeates with marinade.
  11. Then they can be cleaned in the refrigerator. If you leave them for the night, they will become even more delicious.

Marinated mussels are served as a snack to boiled rice or cooked on their basis salads. Bon Appetit!

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