Kuria poartă cu stridii mai indian

Kuria carries with oysters more Indian

Curry chicken is not difficult to cook at all, the main thing is to buy suitable ingredients for poultry meat ingredients. The composition of this dish includes such exotic ingredients as coconut milk, yellow curry, ginger, coriander and many other seasonings. Chicken with vegetables can be baked in the oven or multivark. The multivariate facilitates the cooking process, because, and fry the chicken and stew it with vegetables, you can immediately in one bowl. Homemade Curry Chicken Recipe can be cooked without vegetables, then separately serve garnish with boiled rice or steamed vegetables. In India it is accepted to serve very sharp dishes, for our own area it is enough to season with hot pepper very little, for taste. Use Step-by-step cooking chicken curry with vegetables in Indian with a photo, and you will have a satisfying and useful family dinner.

Ingredients for cooking chicken curry in Indian

Chicken or ham 1 kg
Vegetable oil 3 rd.
Flour 2 s.
Potatoes 2 pcs
Celery 2 stems
Carrot 4 things
Bulb onions 2 pcs
Broccoli 200 g
Garlic 6 denticles
Butter 50 grams
Curry 2-3 tsp.
Ground coriander 1 tsp.
PIP 0.5 tsp.
Turmeric 1 tsp.
Ginger shredded 1 tsp.
Coconut milk 100 ml
The apricot is more 50 grams
Salt taste
Black pepper taste

Making a turn-based Indian curry chicken with a photo

  1. Cut chicken into pieces (you can take chicken fillet), salt with salt and pepper. Roll the pieces in flour.
  2. Fry the chicken in vegetable oil until golden brown. To readiness to fry it is not necessary, as it will be baked yet.
  3. Peel and cut all the vegetables - onions, garlic, celery, potatoes, carrots and broccoli. Vegetables can be taken frozen.
  4. Fry onion, garlic, carrots and potatoes in butter for 2-3 minutes to give them a more intense taste.
  5. Mix coconut milk with apricot jam, curry, coriander, cumin, turmeric and grated ginger.
  6. Put roasted vegetables in butter, broccoli, pieces of roasted chicken in a roasting dish.
  7. Pour a mixture of coconut milk. Cover the form with a lid.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven a curry chicken for 40-60 minutes until fully cooked. 15 minutes before the readiness, open the lid of the mold, so that the crust of the chicken is baked.

Curry chicken with vegetables is served hot for lunch or dinner, along with a salad of fresh vegetables. Bon Appetit!

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