Carne de vită din carne de vită din sos de smântână

Beef stroganoff from beef liver in sour cream sauce

Thanks to its juicy gravy, Beef Stroganoff fits perfectly to crumbly rice, mashed potatoes or pasta. From the liver, this second dish is cooked much faster than meat, so there is no need to stand at the stove for a long time. Correctly cooked liver in gravy turns out very soft and juicy, and you should not be afraid that it will be stiff. Tips and home-made liver preparation recipe are very affordable, so even the beginning hostess can cope. Is our Step-by-step preparation of beef stroganoff from beef liver in sour cream sauce with photo will tell you all the stages of cooking and you can prepare a chic dinner for your entire family. Do not forget also that the benefits of liver dishes are very high.


Ingredients for the preparation of beef stroganoff from beef liver

Liver of beef or calf 500g
Bulb onions 2 pcs
Carrot 2 pcs
Flour 1 st.
Cream 200 ml
Salt taste
Black pepper taste
Vegetable oil for frying 100 ml

Step by step preparation of beef stroganoff from beef liver in sour cream sauce with photo

  1. Peel and slice medium sized onions and carrots. Onions can be cut into half rings or straws.
  2. Fry in vegetable oil first onion until soft for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Add the carrots, mix and cook with the onion under the lid for a few more minutes until the carrot is soft.
  4. The washed and dried liver is cut into thin slabs, about 1 cm wide.
  5. Liver roll in flour on all sides and put in a frying pan to vegetables. Thanks to flour, the liver will retain its juiciness.
  6. Now, extinguish the liver with vegetables until the liver is soft. The liver is prepared very quickly, do not overdo it. When cut, the finished liver will not be red.
  7. Spread a spoonful of flour in sour cream. In sour cream, you can add a little water, so that the sauce was not so thick.
  8. Pour the sauce over the liver, add the pepper and, if desired, the bay leaf and, stirring constantly, bring it to a boil, and then turn off the fire. Now the dish can be salted.

Beef stroganoff is served in boiled rice, potatoes or other cereals. Put pieces of liver on a plate and pour gravy. Bon Appetit!

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