Carnacior de carne de vită cu șampițe

Beef stroganoff with champignons

As you know, the heart of a man lies through his stomach. So that hearty and delicious beef stroganoff from beef with champignons will drive mad not only men! No wonder this dish was included in the menu of restaurant cuisine. Try it, you will not regret it!



  • beef (fillet) - half a kilogram;
  • champignons - 220 grams;
  • onion - 2 pieces;
  • sour cream (oily) - 3 tablespoons;
  • mustard - 2 teaspoons;
  • flour - 40 grams;
  • water-glass;
  • vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • spices - to taste;
  • Butter is a slice.

Beef Stroganoff with champignons. Step-by-step recipe

  1. My beef. We cut it in long small pieces.
  2. We chop the onion rings. Mushrooms are washed and cut into plates.
  3. In the frying pan pour the vegetable oil and fry the onions until golden brown. Then add the mushrooms. Fry until the water boils. Do not close the lid!
  4. In another pan, fry beef. To do this, it is necessary to warm up the frying pan with vegetable oil, and only then grill beef (otherwise it will give juice) until it is browned. Then add the flour and mix it quickly.
  5. In mushrooms with onions pour water, adding sour cream, salt, mustard and spices to taste. We extinguish 3-4 more minutes.
  6. Beef add to the resulting sauce and stir. A little trick - in order for meat to acquire the most delicate taste and aroma, add a piece of butter to the frying pan. Put meat out until cooked.

To an incredibly tender beef stroganogon, a mashed potato or boiled rice will suit the garnish. "I love to cook" wishes you a pleasant appetite! And be sure to try to cook the aromatic and spicy chashushuli meat and the delicious pork dish Tsarskaja Korona.

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