Cui napoleon cu cremă

Cake Napoleon with custard

Classic Napoleon Cake Recipe is kept by many housewives in the cookbook. This baking is always associated with a merry holiday and childhood. Napoleon takes time to impregnate, and it is especially difficult for children to resist and wait for that cherished hour when they will be given their portion. If you have not tried to cook yet Napoleon Cake at home, or look for the simple and best Napoleon recipe, then you can stop at our home recipe. The cakes are puffed, crunchy, although they are cooked on sour cream, and after impregnation with custard, the cake comes out juicy and tender in taste. The recipe indicates the number of ingredients per small family cake, otherwise, the products can be doubled, then you will get a high, festive cake. All details are given in Step-by-step preparation of a cake Napoleon with a custard with a photo.

Ingredients for cake Napoleon with custard

Margarine 225 grams
Cream 400g
Sugar 3 rd.
Salt pinch
Flour 500-600 g
Milk 500g
Sugar 200 g
Butter 200 g
Flour 2 s.
Vanilla sugar taste

Step-by-step preparation of a Napoleon cake with a custard with a photo

  1. To the softened margarine add sour cream, salt and sugar, whisk the mass until smooth.
  2. Gradually add the flour and knead the dough to make it stand out from the hands. Wrap it in a bag and send it to the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  3. Divide the dough into 8-10 parts. The amount of cakes can also depend on the desired diameter of the cake.
  4. Раскатайте очень тонкое тесто. Удобнее всего раскатывать прямо на пергаментной бумаге. Или после того, как раскатали пласт, накрутите его на скалу и перенесите на противень. Dough очень тонкое и может порваться. Один корж или его части можно оставить для украшения.
  5. Отправьте корж выпекаться в разогретую духовку до 200 gрадусов на 7-8 минут. Когда он станет золотистого оттенка, значит он готов.
  6. To prepare the custard, homemade milk is better to boil in advance. With pasteurized, it is possible to work without prior boiling.
  7. Whip two eggs with sugar, then add flour and whisk again.
  8. Pour a little milk, gram 50 and stir.
  9. Milk влейте в кастрюльку и поставьте на огонь.
  10. Then, very importantly, pour the egg mixture into the milk and stir constantly. If you do not do this, sugar and flour will stick to the bottom and burn.
  11. When the cream thickens, it begins to boil, immediately remove from heat. Cool the cream.
  12. Soften butter with a mixer, then add this mass to the completely cooled cream and whisk again with a mixer. Add vanilla sugar or vanilla.
  13. Lubricate copiously every cake and form a cake.
  14. At first it will be high, but as it becomes soaked, it will settle. Crush the cake into a crumb and sprinkle with them the oversized top layer of the cake.
  15. Place it in the refrigerator for impregnation from 6 to 12 hours.

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