Băuturi pentru hamburgeri

Buns for hamburgers

If you want to cook hamburgers at home, you will definitely need fresh, lush buns. I want to offer you the most delicious homemade burger recipes, which, by the way, you can eat and just for tea. The uniqueness of this recipe is that mashed potatoes are put in the dough. It gives the products a more intense taste, a lush texture, and such a bun will never crumble. In the cut, buns are simply perfect - you can stuff them with anything and do çikenburger, snorkeling or cheeseburger. При этом вы получите самый свежий и самый вкусный так называемый сэндвич и сможете, например, взять его с собой на работу or пикник. Процесс приготовления булочек для гамбургера довольно длительный, как и у любого дрожжевого теста, но оно того стоит, поверьте! Рецепт рассчитан примерно for 10 small rolls.

Ingredients for burger buns

Wheat flour 625 grams
Dry yeast 7 grams
Mashed potatoes 110 g
Warm water 375 g
Butter 75 grams
Sugar 40 grams
Salt 6 grams
Egg 1 PC
Sesame taste

Preparation step-by-step with photo buns for a hamburger

  1. In a deep bowl, combine half the norm of flour (300 g), salt and dry yeast. Mix the dry ingredients.
  2. Отварной картофель помните вилкой. Молоко or яйца добавлять не нужно.
  3. Add warm water to the potatoes (approximately 40-50 degrees). You can use potato broth.
  4. Insert the melted butter and sugar, mix.
  5. Combine flour and yeast with a liquid mixture of potatoes. If you mix the dough in a mixer, pour the dough into its bowl.
  6. Взбейте or перемешайте все ингредиенты в течение пары минут.
  7. Добавляйте постепенно остальную муку и замесите плотное тесто. Оно должно отставать от рук or чаши миксера.
  8. Cover the ball of dough with a food film so that it does not dry out and send it to the refrigerator for any period of 3 hours.
  9. After the dough increases in size by two or three times, you can start working with it. Put the dough on a board, cover with a towel, so it will get warm from the cold and become supple. And in 10-15 minutes it will be possible to proceed further.
  10. Divide the dough into 8-10 pieces, form the balls and lay them on a sheet of parchment. Be sure to observe the distance, since the burgers for the hamburger will increase in size. A little press the palm of the buns to make them become flatter.
  11. Cover the rolls with a towel so that a crust does not form and let them stand in this condition for about 40 minutes.
  12. Whisk the egg and oil them every bun. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  13. Oven heat up to 200 degrees and send your burgers for burgers there for 15-20 minutes.
  14. When you see a ruddy, appetizing crust, then buns are ready!

These buns are suitable for making hamburgers. To do this, they are cut along a sharp knife and superimposed in the middle of the filling to your liking. Bon Appetit!

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